From shelf to basket.

“More than 65% of product and brand choices made by consumers take place at the time of purchase in the store environment.”


Tradehit is a company that was founded in 1995 and which offers its customers services that are implemented in a retail operating environment.

We create added value to services of field sales and merchandising work, as well as observational data and technology services. The majority of our customer base consists of FMCG companies, pharmaceutical industry and speciality retailing sales and marketing companies.

From shelf to basket - increased sales for our customers

Tradehit’s customer promise is very simple – increased sales for our customers. We ensure the quality of our service with our own data system and efficient control process under systematic field management.

In addition to cost-efficiency and flexibility, we listen carefully to our customers. The specific needs they have, brand-related issues to be taken into account, how to provide added value to our customers in the best possible way.

Open, targeted, honest

We continually invest in developing the occupational well-being and expertise of our staff. We believe in long-term customer relationships and employments. Therefore, our operations are targeted, open and honest in all respects.

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Sales services

Our sales service is a modern and flexible service concept, which utilises the diverse sales expertise of our experienced field employees, as well as their excellent store and decision-maker know-how at a local level.

We operate as sales personnel responsible for results in agreed distribution channels, either in a defined geographical area or nationwide, project-specifically or all-year-round, in accordance with our customers’ wishes.


Our roots are in the production of the merchandising services. Our national field organisation consists of extremely experienced and motivated multi-taskers in the trade sector. In this way, we can ensure constant quality and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Observational data and technology services

Our own Tradetool monitoring and reporting tool (SaaS service) produces store-specific observational data on agreed product groups for our customers. The observational data can be combined in a diverse manner, both by the customer and by Tradehit, and e.g. the chain and region level summaries can be edited.


Tradetool is a operation management and reporting system developed for the everyday work of field organisations. It provides our customers real-time visibility of the store environment.

Tradetool allows continuous communication with your own and/or Tradehit’s field organisation.

Benefits of Tradetool:

  • monitoring and allocation of human resources
  • information about the distribution of staff performance and costs
  • production of analytics and statistics to support operations
  • opportunity for direct communication with the field organisation
  • monitoring the implementation of projects per work stage
  • data collection in store environment

“Tradehit’s systematic operating method and Tradetool serve our needs well. Our long-term cooperation has been successful and will continue in the future.”

Ari Korpi, Field Sales DirectorL’Oréal Finland Oy

“Tradetool continuously keeps us up-to-date about where we stand and we can react quickly.”

Maarit Seppänen, Key Account ManagerSemper Finland Oy

"Tradehit’s service concept, which has been produced with quality and in a transparent manner, serves the needs of our company in respect of both field operations and real-time data services precisely the way we want."

Katariina Kurikka, CEOSuomen RFSU Oy

"The Tradetool service provides us with valid data about the efficiency of our field organisation and the use of resources, as well as frees up a significant amount of administrative time from the field staff’s support services."

Eija Saario, Financial and HR ManagerKarto Group
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Experienced, skilled staff

The quality of our operations is created with the diverse work experience and extensive expertise of the staff, alongside their professionalism and motivation.

The active, experienced and skilled staff  is committed to leading consumers to our customers’ products in stores. Good and attractive visibility has a direct influence on the sales figures of products.

By utilising the expertise and excellent local knowledge of Tradehit’s field staff, our customers produce significant added value in the value chain between suppliers, the store and consumers.

The majority of our staff’s employment relationships are long-term and our staff policy and professional field management aim, for their part, to maintain commitment to the company and work.

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