Observational data and technology services

Do you need accurate and up-to-date data from the field?

Tradehit’s observational data and technology services are an effective solution for you.

With the help of Tradetool – our monitoring and reporting SaaS-system – you get store-specific observational data about agreed products groups, stores, and store chains.

This observational data can be combined in various ways and processed to your needs, for example, to make summaries on a regional or chain level.

Tradetool enables collecting valuable data from the field, for example for competitor analysis and shelf space measurements. The results are always accessible in Tradetool and can be easily exported or retrieved automatically through an interface.

Concrete data enables more informed decisions

With Tradetool, you can collect for example the following information:

Why Tradehit?

From our customers

With Tradetool, we get accurate information about merchandising visits as well as sales rounds – we can track what has been sold where and who has been met. we can track what has been sold where and who has been met.

Kimmo Rantala
Field Sales Manager, Paulig

Tradetool is a necessary part of our cooperation. I receive the photos and sum-ups in real-time, so I can comment on them or give specific tips immediately for the same sales round. We can also resource new visits, when necessary, if it would be useful for the campaign in certain stores.

Aki Tompuri
Senior Key Account Manager, RFSU

Tradehit’s 360 ° service concept

Sales services

Our sales service offers a transparent, scalable and cost-effective option for an own field organization. For example,

Store renewals and renovations

We offer reliable store renovations and flexible installation services with a comprehensive approach for diverse industries. For example,

Observational data and technology services

Our own operation management and reporting system Tradetool offers observational data to support our customers’ decision making. For example,


Our merchandising services ensure that your products are ideally displayed in the stores – in an agreed location, with correct timing, and with the right price and product information and POS-materials. For example,

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