Tradehit is a company that was founded in 1995 and which offers its customers services that are implemented in a retail operating environment.

We create added value to services of field sales and merchandising work, as well as observational data and technology services. The majority of our customer base consists of FMCG companies, pharmaceutical industry and speciality retailing sales and marketing companies.

From shelf to basket - increased sales for our customers

Tradehit’s customer promise is very simple – increased sales for our customers. We ensure the quality of our service with our own data system and efficient control process under systematic field management.

In addition to cost-efficiency and flexibility, we listen carefully to our customers. The specific needs they have, brand-related issues to be taken into account, how to provide added value to our customers in the best possible way.

Open, targeted, honest

We continually invest in developing the occupational well-being and expertise of our staff. We believe in long-term customer relationships and employments. Therefore, our operations are targeted, open and honest in all respects.

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